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ATRA awards

atraThe ATRA AWARDS committee is still seeking nominations for all awards categories; but especially for:

  • Advocacy,
  • Outstanding Professional,
  • Clinician of the Year,
  • Excellence in Education, and
  • Chapter Affiliate of the Year!

Please log on to

for a complete list of awards criteria, and to submit your nominations! June 15th is the last and final day for all award submissions. Please contact Ali at or Brianna at with any questions!


Disclaimers: Danny Pettry (founder of RecTherapyToday) is a lifetime member of ATRA. Pettry is not an elected board member for ATRA. Pettry is not a hired spokesperson. Pettry is not on the ATRA awards committee. Pettry is a member of ATRA who encourages other RTs to join ATRA too!

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CTRS are needed in:

  • New Mexico,
  • Colorado,
  • Tennessee, and
  • Texas

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