ATRA benefits

I’m a lifetime member of the American Therapeutic Recreation Association.

I feel ATRA is the leading organization for promoting the interests of recreational therapists.

Disclaimer: I am not an elected official for ATRA. I am not a paid spokesperson for ATRA.

My Request: please join this professional organization. Your membership fees will go towards promote and advocating for our profession. Once you’re member, go a step more and volunteer with one of the groups.

Go to this link to join ATRA:

I volunteer my own time to help ATRA with several parts, including:

  • Reviewing Peg Connolly Scholarship applications
  • Training Peg Connolly Scholarship winners at previous conferences
  • Assisting with the Peg Connolly Scholarship program
  • I’m on the Public Policy team with an emphasis on Mental/ Behavioral Health
  • I presented at three ATRA conferences: Chicago, Pittsburgh, and D.C.
  • I write articles for the ATRA newsletter from time to time.
  • I’m a member of the pediatric and mental/ behavior health treatment networks, which I assist.

PLUS – I’ve made so many great connections with friends because of ATRA.

What are you doing to do for your profession?

Go to this link to join ATRA:

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