DannyPettry.com – amazing reviews

DannyPettry.com gets outstand reviews by our students. Read what they have to say below. And…  If you’re ready to invest in your own your potential as a recreational therapist then simply head over to my site for online training programs here: http://www.dannypettry.com/courses.html


  • It has very useful information that is applicable to TR programming. The self-study course is straight forward and convenient.
  • Reading the book “Made to Stick”. Information I can use
  • Reading and owning the books. Good future reference materials
  • ease of getting the information
  • Self paced and easily accessed. Great book
  • I found it to be very clear and perfect for me.
  • The book was great and applied it to my life. I felt it really helped with my work as well and applied it on the job.
  • enjoyed that I got to do it from my own home, when I was available. I feel like I am so busy with work sometimes that it is difficult to get CEU’s outside of my work. This was refreshing.
  • I can apply this information to my group and individual sessions when discussing stress management
  • I liked how simple it was. All I had to do was watch a video, take notes, and then take a quiz on the video’s content
  • No suggestions for improvement.
  • I can take the course quiz as many times as I want, No deadline for course completion. It’s perfect. No changes necessary.
  • Clear objectives and guidelines
  • It’s awesome
  • Affordable, informative, and concise.
  • It’s perfect. no changes necessary
  • no time limit.
    able to re-take the quiz as much as needed.
  • nothing needs improvement. it’s perfect. no changes necessary.
  • Convenience
  • good refresher
  • Being able to complete this on my own time, in my own home
  • No improvement needed
  • easy access and appropriate
  • Done from my home
  • Short, sweet, and to the point
  • I can do it on my own time and take the quiz over if necessary
  • Could complete from my own home.
  • I can go at my own pace, can reflect on what I read and discuss with others before required to take exam to get their opinions and expertise.
  • I have been taking courses from Danny Pettry for a number of years now. I always like the ease of studying at my own time and taking the test at my leisure.

 If you’re ready to invest in your own your potential as a recreational therapist then simply head over to my site for online training programs here:


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