50 Reasons why people choose DannyPettry.com: Rec Therapy CEUs as a solution for their CEU needs.

Need CEUs? Go here for convenience: http://www.DannyPettry.com 12345_edited-1

Here is a list of the most recent 50 reasons why rec therapist choose…

DannyPettry.com: Rec Therapy CEUs as their continuing education solution.

Need CEUs? Go here for convenience: http://www.DannyPettry.com 

1.    This is the most convenient and affordable way for Ceu’s for me since my employer doesn’t help reimburse for seminars. Its also hard for me to get work off to attend seminars.
2.    Because it is so helpful.
3.    It was great info. I would recommend it to anyone.
4.    Very convenient
5.    Because webinar are convenient but I like conferences!
6.    I have attended several webinars and they are very helpful and informative
7.    The are fun and very educational
8.    I enjoyed it.
9.    It is the greatest!
10.  I have took many CEUs from this website and I enjoy them.
11.  Enjoy the webinars, information given can be used in my everyday job
12.  Because it is a useful resource.
13.  easy and quick cues
14.  I like the free ones!
15.  Easy and convenient. Affordable.
16.  Because I have and I do!
17.  Because I really enjoy the courses, and the subjects they are based on, and I hope to have the money to buy the courses in the near future
18.  Because your CEU opportunities are accessible and at times free!
19.  I used it and I like it and I’d like to keep using it.
20.  Because he provides some interesting topics and meets a need I may have in the future
21.  Easy and user friendly
22.  I always use this site, it is excellent!
23.  This is a nice and easy way to learn
24.  It was a convenient source of information. I enjoyed his presentation.
25.  I have already purchased a CEU
26.  I like the option of a self paced course.
27.  Well, as suggested in the webinar, I didn’t select zero because it is beneficial for multiple reasons including accessibility, user friendly and reasonably priced amongst many others.
28.  I was very satisfied with this webinar and believe I will not be disappointed with his other CEU opportunities.
29.  There was a lot of valuable/applicable information.
30.  Easy
31.  You have some interesting topics that I feel pair well with my inpatient Psychiatric Recreational Therapy work.
32.  Ease of CEUs
33.  I am confused by this question
34.  Easy way to get CEUS from comfort of home
35.  I enjoyed the webinar and found it very informative.
36.  I found the information helpful to me as a clinician.
37.  I enjoy the CEU’s, and I can tell Danny truly cares about us as Rec Therapists.
38.  There was the discount provided from this course.
39.  Because the courses are of quality and are very convenient.
40.  This was the first time I used Danny Pettry. I thought the webinar was good. The topic was interesting and there was sufficient information.
41.  I like his website.
42.  I prefer to attend Conferences and workshops but love the conveniences of obtaining CEU’s online too.
43.  I think these webinars are great
44.  I have used your service before and am happy with it.
45.  Very informative and nice way to earn ceus
46.  I enjoy being able to get CEUs at home. Danny’s courses are very informative and easily accessible.
47.  I would use the website. But first in would like to see if can attend conference for recreation therapy
48.  They are convenient.
49.  Great way to get CEUs
50.  I’ve used it before and I will use it again

Need CEUs? Go here for convenience: http://www.DannyPettry.com 


Need CEUs? Go here for convenience: http://www.DannyPettry.com 


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