Pictures of Rec Therapy Month Presentation

The truth is: Only YOU can promote Recreational Therapy. There isn’t another person who is going to step up and promote your profession for you. It is your own responsibility.

It reminds me of how Smoky the Bear says, “only you can prevent forest fires.”

Your Chief Executive Officer, the physician, your hospital secretary, the physical therapist, or anyone else won’t do this for you.

After all, it is your profession and your responsibility to advocate and promote it.


February is International Recreational Therapy Month!


I provided a lunch and learn at my hospital (Huntington, West Virginia) on Friday Feb, 3, 2017. The topic was the difference between recreation (in general) and recreational therapy. There were CEUs for several other professions as well, which helped to increase attendance. We had a fairly good turnout with about 20 to 25 people. Most of them were recreational therapists. There were several counselors, some direct care staff, administrative assistants, and others.


I provided a pizza because we “RTs put the RT in PARTY, which is fun for a Friday.

Here are some pictures:


Danny Pettry (this photo was taken by Amanda Wilson)


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