humor therapy? okay – who did this t-shirt?

I saw a pinterest post for a t-shirt (See below).

“A CTRS is like riding a bike in hell” and something about everything being on fire.

I find humor in this t-shirt because a few weeks ago a study was posted that claimed recreation therapy is one of the most stress free jobs.

I disagree. There is a lot of stress working in the human services field. WE have words for it like “burnout” and “compassion fatigue.”

Please note I am posting the t-shirt below as humor.

I don’t agree with it. I am not an affiliate of this t-shirt.

I have developed this uncanny ability to deflect negativity over the years. It’s a super-power I call, being a CTRS. laugh aloud.

Please do consider buying one of my t-shirt designs at

Please don’t buy their t-shirt about a CTRS riding a bike in hell.

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