Reviews for “Rec Therapy in Behavioral Health” presentation at GLRTSC)


Danny Pettry (above) getting a slow start at the GLRTSC, 2018

I presented on Recreational Therapy in Mental and Behavioral Health for students at the Great Lakes Recreational Therapy Student Conference (GLRTSC)on Saturday April 7th at 9:15 a.m.

Eighteen (18) out of the 33 people who attended posted an evaluation.

I wanted to share the evaluation here for transparency reasons because I’m working on becoming a national speaker.


Here are the three (3) evaluations that were not as positive out of the 18, which is about 17% of the attendees. I provided a thoughtful response to each of these three comments below.

  • This presentation was not informative. I already knew everything he was talking about – it was too general & I didn’t learn.

Danny Pettry’s response to the above comment: Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I feel pleased to know that you’re knowledgeable in this focus area. Way to go! I’d love to know which college or university has trained and prepared you.

  • We have to be careful not to discredit a therapist. Yes, walking, biking, diets can be therapeutic… But, what does that say to the people who may need a little more than that?

Danny Pettry’s response: It appears you feel that I discredited therapist. I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I’m listening. Please note I sure wouldn’t discredit a therapist on purpose. Being a “therapist” has been my livelihood for over 15 years. Many of my best friends are therapists too! My thoughts are: a lot of activities can be therapeutic. People (who are generally) healthy can independently do activities to maintain a well-balanced and meaningful life. Those people who are suffering (from mental health needs) may not be able to independently do a lot of those activities. Recreational therapists play a great role in providing activity-based interventions on purpose to help those people to gain independence and wellness. Ultimately, the therapist may be so successful that the patient will be able to participate in life and meaningful activities as independently s possible.

  • Slow at first but got better throughout the session.

Danny Pettry’s response: I’m happy to hear the session got better for you.  And please buckle up. I imagine you’re going for a fun ride in our profession.


Here are the positive reviews (which account for 84% of the attendees) 

  • Fantastic job 😊
  • Wonderful examples, visuals & verbal
  • I loved this info! Thank you.
  • Loved it 😊 Very funny and kept me engaged!
  • Thanks for making it laid back & adding humor!
  • I really enjoyed his presentation – it was very informative.
  • Really enjoyed the information.
  • I loved your energy and jokes. You made me feel like I could relate, rather than feel talked down to.
  • Enjoyed the humor and enjoyment!! 😊 Thank you!
  • Very personable & engaging while teaching very important topics of psych/behavioral health. Learned a lot.
  • Funny!
  • Two thumbs up!
  • Thank you!
  • Very fun/funny and engaging w/ the topic 😊
  • Very interactive & informative


Danny  Pettry comments:

Thanks for the kind comments.

I felt super happy to be around such a great group of young professional people.

You’re going to go out and make a huge impact in this world.

Best wishes to you.

Feel free to contact me if you’re ever in need of a guide or mentor in behavioral health recreational therapy and/ or continuing education.

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