Reviews for Webinar: Specialization in Rec Therapy

reviewsDanny Pettry, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, CTRS presented a webinar on “Advanced specialization areas in Rec Therapy” live on Wed. April 25, 2018.

You’ll find two sections of commets below, including: 1.) what people enjoyed about Danny Pettry’s presentation; and 2.) how could presentation be improved!


The webinar system records stats.


  1. What did you enjoy about Danny Pettry’s presentation on advanced specialization areas?
·         It was interesting to see all the different areas you could specialize in.
·         I enjoyed all the information that was presented as far as the different specializations offered within the field.
·         Danny’s knowledge, as well as his kindness/funny personality. Very much appreciated.
·         Very specific information and honest about what it is and what the webinar is intended to provide. Like the comics and jokes.
·         I loved finding out new ways to expand my knowledge and professionalism.
·         This webinar made me motivated to become specialized once I figure out what to specialize in.  I have only been a CTRS for a year and a half so I’m still trying to figure out what are to specialize in.
·         Leaving different options to advance in profession
·         No comment.
·         The interactive questions.
·         Made this webinar fun
·         Voice was easy to hear and understand.

He read all the comments and answered right away and in a timely manner. Very knowledgeable

·         I have been in the field for several years and never thought about the advanced certification.

After watching this webinar, I am interested in looking more into this.

·         All the great information about advanced areas.
·         I enjoyed that we were included throughout the webinar!
·         Good info, he is very enthusiastic about advanced specialization
·         Learning about something that interest me
·         Learning about the specialty areas in RT.
·         I love Mr. Pettry’s personality throughout the webinar. It keeps the audience engaged.
·         interesting topic
·         I just love these webinars! Thank you for doing them! Always learn something new!
·         I like how interactive the live courses are.
·         You are a nice guy!
·         no comment.
·         loved it

2. How could Danny Pettry’s webinar be improved?

·         I would like to hear testimonials of other professionals from different specialization areas.

Danny’s Comment: There aren’t many people with specialization areas yet, but I imagine there will be in the future!

·         N/A. I appreciate these!
·         I think Danny did a great job on this webinar.  This was my first webinar of his and I felt that he kept it interactive.  I am looking forward to more of his webinars in the future.
·         N/a
·         Expand a bit more off of what is the slides.
·         None
·         I enjoyed it very much and I will hopefully attend more in the future.
·         I think this was a great training. Sometimes I need a reminder on what is available in the CTRS world
·         Great webinar! I learned a lot about advanced specializations and may look into it further in the future! Thanks Danny!!
·         As Always I enjoyed this webinar
·         Start on time please

Danny’s Comment: My clock may be slow. I started right at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) according to my cell phone time. I sure wouldn’t delay you on purpose. I hope it wasn’t more than a min. or two late for you.

·         I think this was an excellent webinar that was very informative and presented in a easy to follow and understand manor.
·         Webinar was great!
·         Always a great job!
·         I think that you did a very good job breaking down the importance of specialty certification and how to obtain it. Thanks!
·         I wish there was more options of alternative modalities for Rec Therapists.
·         no comment
·         none

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