Reviews for Training: how to create your very own # 1 online course

Ireviews presented: how to create your own online course tonight (Wed. May 9, 2018).

I taught other people how they can create online courses (based on my 10 years of experience with providing online courses) and live workshops. I taught people (mostly recreational therapists) how they can earn passive income from these courses too.

The webinar service is able to detect how many people are following along vs. how many people also viewing other screens.

Our score was super high among attendees: 

  • Attentiveness: 96%
  • Interest rate: 96%

That score beat my record of 94% attentiveness that I’ve had on  previous webinars.

The attendees submitted feedback.

I asked them: What did you enjoy about this training?

Here are 17 of the best reviews I received:

·         You are definitely motivational!

·         I kept thinking about the 3 point 5 approach. It really makes sense. As well as packaging up the different things such as the recorded video and e-book, consultations and speaking engagements.

·         Information and answering questions

·         Learning how easy it put together a program.

·         I learned a lot about how to create my own online courses one day!

·         It was motivating. Thanks!

·         You are a very positive person.

·         Step by step. Honest info

·         great information was shared

·         The personal touches, example, how Danny bought his dream car with the money he’s making doing something he loves

·         Learning the prices of creating a webinar and how to create one from scratch.

·         Informative.

·         Gave me inspiration and hope for a better tomorrow for myself.

·         Gave me some ideas on how to earn more money in TR and share TR knowledge

How could this session be improved?

·         Great seminar
·         It was perfect…. as always
·         Nothing.  I enjoyed it.
·         More specific details, other peoples examples.
·         very good information
·         Some things where a bit redundant but good information overall
·         No suggestions! It was very informative!
·         Great webinar.
·         Make sure you do your spell check for your slide show. Not being mean, just remember when someone preferred to laugh at my written mistakes instead of kindly pointing them out to me. You work to hard to let a spelling error detract from what you are doing.
·         I liked it!  Very informative never thought to do something like this!
·         In terms of how to create an online course, I was hoping for technical assistance/knowledge about what programs to use to physically create the course.
·         You need a new editor. There were still many spelling mistakes.
·         It was good, very motivating.
·         Interesting and motivational.

Do you want to create your own online course? I can help you do that.

Email me for details:


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