Danny Pettry Presentations

Danny Pettry presents:

Topic Date/ Time Location Price
Trauma Focused Recreational Therapy for Children and Adolescents Wednesday


7 p.m. (Eastern)

(90 minutes)

Live webinar

DannyPettry, LLC


$15 per person

Registration Open: click here

Trauma Focused Recreational Therapy for Children and Adolescents Friday


8:30 a.m.

(90 minutes)

Southeast Recreational Therapy Symposium,

Williamsburg, VA

$275 for full conference
Rec Therapist: WE put the RT in SMART: Learn how to awaken your patient’s intelligence and Success 4/4/18

7 p.m. (Eastern)

(60 minutes)

Live webinar

DannyPettry, LLC


$15 per person

Registration open: click here.

Recreational Therapy in Mental/ Behavioral Health Saturday


(60 minutes)

Great Lakes Student RT Conference, Bradford Woods, Indiana $70 per person

Contact Indiana University Rec Therapy about registration.

Rec Therapy: We put the RT in HEART: Wednesday


(60 minutes)

Live Webinar DannyPettry, LLC


$15 per person

Registration is NOT open  yet

Learn about advanced specialization areas in rec therapy Wednesday


(60 minutes)

Live Webinar

DannyPettry, LLC

FREE  Registration open now: click here.
StaRT Button TRaining Wednesday

5/ 2/18

(60 minutes)

Live Webinar DannyPettry, LLC

60 minutes


Registration NOT open yet


Announcing: Danny Pettry’s February/ March 2018 webinar series

canstockphoto42469153 copyDanny Pettry has five upcoming webinars.

Four out of five of these sessions will FREE!

Sessions are limited to 100 people only, so you’ll want to sign-up fast when registration opens to the public.

Registration dates will be open soon.

Here are the upcoming sessions:

  • 001TeachLeisure_logoFeb. 7, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m. Danny Pettry presents: Leisure Education and Counseling Certificate Course. You’ll earn one clock hour of continuing education for this webinar. Plus you’ll get access to 50 leisure education books that you can use to teach leisure skills. Session cost is: $47 per person. Group discounts available upon request. Registration will be open soon.
  • DP-CEUsecrets-eBook-1-256Feb. 21st, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m. Danny Pettry presents: CEU Secrets. You’ll learn how you can easily earn CEUs online and how to identify quality online trainings. Session content is CE Pre-approved for one clock hour of continuing education by NCTRC.

This session will be FREE. Registration will be open soon.

The next two sessions are part of our Advanced Certificate Training Courses. You’ll also learn how you can earn advanced certificates in Behavioral Health for those Rec Therapists seeking Advanced Specialization1499297634_blob

  • March 7, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m. Danny Pettry presents: Social Psychology and Recreation Therapy. One clock hour of continuing education (0.1 CEU). This session will be FREE.
  • March 8, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m. Danny Pettry presents: Positive Psychology and Recreation Therapy. One clock hour of continuing education (0.1 CEU). This session will be FREE

And Danny Pettry’s Team is really excited to announce this year’s start button training program with a new focus area (to be announced soon).

  • 1499831792_blobWed. March 28, 2018 Danny Pettry will be presenting StaRTbuttonTRaining for recreation therapists who want to become entrepreneurs. This session will be FREE!  If you’ve ever dreamed of starting your own recreation therapy related business – then this session is for you!


Read the raving reviews and testimonials







Your friend and partner in Rec Therapy, Danny Pettry


DannyPettry (Rec Therapy CEUs) is a West Virginia Limited Liability Company
1509 Walnut St. # 5, Kenova, West Virginia 25530, United States of America
Email: Danny@DannyPettry.com
Text to set up live suppoRT: 304-412-4965

Three reasons to choose Danny Pettry as your self-study CEU solution!


Danny Pettry’s program requires reading interesting books!

Recently, a recreation therapist emailed to ask: What makes DannyPettry’s Rec Therapy CEUs program different from our competitor’s CEU program.

The answer is real simple:

Reading books is what makes (Danny Pettry’s Rec Therapy CEUs) more distinguished and prestigious from our new rookie online CEU competitor.

Our competitor argues, “Books are optional for [their] courses as the content needed to pass the course is delivered online via presentations” That doesn’t sound too smart to us. Ironically, they feature a book in their logo.

Yes – Danny Pettry’s Rec Therapy CEUs requires reading books.

And we’d like to validate that independent learners gain three (3) major outcomes from our (book reading) program compared to their (skip-the-book option) program.


Competitive advantage # 1: Depth and Profoundness


Books improve your knowledge.

Wendy’s ads in 1984 questioned their competitor’s burgers by asking, “Where’s the beef?”

We’d like to ask: Where’s the book? Where’s the content? Where’s the deeper knowledge?

Example: I could write a lovely presentation on humanistic psychology, but that will never compare with the depth of the subject written by Carl Rogers in his book, On Personal Power. Even if created book summary review (on a slideshow presentation) on his book that was amazing, most people would want to “hear it from the horses’ mouth.” I can’t out-Rogers – Carl Rogers.

Something to think about: Tim Sander’s (Business leadership expert) argues:

“Reading is a source of potency. Become a walking encyclopedia of answers for anyone who has questions.”

Imagine the personal satisfaction and depth of knowledge you’ll gain from reading a book.  Feel the satisfaction.


Competitive advantage # 2: Definitely Prestigious


Reading books is a prestigious activity.

Tom Hanks plays the role of Jimmy Dugan, in the 90’s movie, A League of Their Own. This movie is based on the true story of an all-female baseball team coached by professional ballplayer Jim Dugan during WWII. One of the most memorable lines from the movie is when Jim Dugan (played by Hanks) says this about baseball: “It’s supposed to hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it.”

Reading a book takes time and effort. It is harder, but it is worthwhile. It’s valuable.

A presentation on a book is just… too easy.

Example: I could write a book summary (and put in in a slideshow format) of Stephen King’s (2012) novel Blockade Billy, much like the summary of the book at wikipedia.  However, you’d get more fulfillment out of the 112 page novel compared to the one-page summary on wikipedia.

Something to think about: American author, Mark Twain said,

“The person who won’t read has no advantage over the person who can’t read.”

Imagine the pride you’ll feel from completing a book. You’ll be more interesting in conversation. Why yes… I did read that book!


Competitive advantage # 3: Achievement and Success


Leaders are readers.

Researchers have identified that Chief Executive Offers (CEOs) of Fortune 500 Companies read an average of 50 to 60 books per year.  One key element of successful people is that they read a lot of books. Researches have found that wealthy people read more books.


  • Oprah is wealthy. She selected her favorite books every month for her book club.
  • People asked Elon Musk, where did you learn to build rockets? His answer: “I read books.”
  • Bill Gates reads about 50 books per year.
  • Danny Pettry: I read about two books per week. Most of these books are about business, self-improvement, personal growth, success, and spirituality. But I also read fiction from time to time too.

Disclaimer: I can’t promise that you’ll get financially wealthier from taking my courses, but you’ll definitely develop wealthier knowledge.

Something to think about: Motivational speaker, Brian Tracy said,

Read an hour every day in your chosen field. This works out to be about one book per week, 50 books per year, and will guarantee your success.”

Imagine how you’ll use your newfound knowledge to achieve your dreams and passions.

Your Next Action Step…Sign-up Today!


Go here now: www.DannyPettry.com

Read to succeed!

Registration is super easy! 

Register for a DannyPettry: Rec Therapy CEUs course today at this link:  


Reviews for Danny Pettry’s “CEU Secrets” Webinar.

CEU_SecretsI presented a FREE training for my Rec Therapist friends on Wed. Sept. 20th titled “CEU Secrets.” Session content focused on the importance of continuing education for recreation therapists, various methods to get CEUs, and the benefits for taking self-study/ online/ independent learning courses.

What did you enjoy about Danny Pettry’s CEU Secrets webinar?

Sign-up for Danny Pettry’s self-study CEU Bundle (2.5 CEUs total) Session Content pre-approved by NCTRC. Go here: http://rectherapyceus.com/course/pyschologybundle-html/

I love Danny’s passion for the profession!
I felt like Danny kept the session interesting and entertaining.
I enjoyed this webinar. I loved how excited Danny was when he was presenting made the presentation more enjoyable.
I enjoyed Danny’s accent and the hope that getting CEUs can be easy.

·         Danny Pettry’s comments: It’s Appalachian – pronounced: App-uh-latch-un. I’m from wild, wonderful, West Virginia.

Danny is so motivating!
Danny you always have such great information! Love your webinars
I liked his honesty and his teaching skills .  

·         Danny Pettry’s comments: Teaching is my families business. I come from a long line of school teachers and elementary administrators.

Enjoyed the concept of learning on line from a master.

·         Danny’s comments: laugh aloud. I don’t consider myself a master. I often disclose overcoming my learning disabilities (having had to take many additional classes). I am persistent. I did get a master’s degree in rec therapy. I heard a wise person once say: seek to find others on the path for knowledge and run from those who know it all.

I enjoyed that Danny Pettry answered people’s questions. Despite not being able to watch the webinar live, hearing the questions answered by Danny on the replay webinar was very helpful.
I’ve used Danny Pettry’s courses in the past and they are SO convenient. Learning how many courses are available is music to my ears!
His humor! I enjoyed that he was able to have a Q & A at the end of the webinar. I like that we have to read books for his program no one reads books anymore. I liked that he’s offering a 6th session free
The comics. Danny’s comments: They’re used with permission/ license from CanStockPhoto.
You made it enjoyable with the comics. Most webinars can be very dry and boring. Thank you for being lively and passionate.
He made understanding how to obtain CEU easy. He was great.
Yes, I enjoyed it, thank you for your time.
Danny was very informative about CEU credits and is an advocate for RT practice
His knowledge and experience with getting CEUs and his accent 🙂
The webinar was informative. I liked the humor that was incorporated into the session that related to every day as a person/recreational therapist.
Danny seems to have a lot of knowledge about how many and where to attain CEU’s for RT. Also offer great discounts!
Down to earth approach of communication. It made completion of CEU’s so much easier. Thank you.
I appreciate the opportunities that Danny Pettry offers the CTRS community, and his enthusiasm for the profession.
Danny was very pleasant
Instructor’s sense of humor.
He keeps things light and simple to make getting CEUs more enjoyable
I got to know Danny.
I love those jokes I thought they were funny especially after having a tough day at work coming up with goals.
It was great!
It was lovely.
The content was well organized, clear, and easy to understand
Thank you for keeping the webinar fun, interesting, and engaging!
Very good speaker, kept my interest. Able to ask questions. Gave options to receive 2.5CEU’s by connecting with his Webinars.
I enjoy how detailed Danny was with sharing each secret tips. One that stood out to me most was how much online continuing education can save you money and also vacation time being used/ losses.
How easy it was to follow the speaker and his point of view
it was amazing.
He makes it entertaining and enjoyable.
Friendly, relaxed approach.
I liked that Danny was so knowledgeable about different resources. Didn’t even seem to bat an eye with all of the questions being asked. 🙂
Great information and use of visuals
Friendly manner presented and easy going approach
His enthusiasm and how easy it was to do from my own home.
Clear voice, answered questions immediately. Very informative about CEUs and the prices!
I liked he supported mom’s! It is difficult to travel for conferences and ceu’s, work doesn’t support it so online trainings are a great way to get ceus! Thank you for the option! Danny Pettry’s comments: FUN FACT: did you know that mother’s day was first celebrated in Danny Pettry’s home-state, West Virginia? Some people argue that Lincoln was America’s best President. His mother was born in a county that is part of West Virginia.

Sign-up for Danny Pettry’s self-study CEU Bundle (2.5 CEUs total) Session Content pre-approved by NCTRC. Go here: http://rectherapyceus.com/course/pyschologybundle-html/

Danny Pettry’s Rec Therapy CEUs program

I enjoyed how Danny offers online CEU bundles that are affordable and easy to access.
Saving time & money by getting ceu’s online. Want t take advantage of thee bundles. especially behavioral health
Thank you for offering to add a 6th class for free if we purchase your program.
The 50% off bundle program.
I enjoyed the information and the 50% off 6 courses!
I enjoyed learning about the opportunities you provide online.
The ability to purchase a bundled package of CEU courses from the convenience of home.
I like that you can purchase a group of CEU’s at a discounted price and complete on your own time.
I appreciated learning more about Danny Pettry’s program, and how it works. I also liked the additional information on other opportunities for online continuing education. Thanks for the discounts!
Learning that I can get discounts on getting my CEU’s through his program. As well as save money as a whole when it comes to getting my CEU’s. By Attending online courses.
I enjoyed the gift of 50 percent off about 25 cue.
I enjoyed learning that there is a site that I can trust for accredited pre-approved CEU’s! Sometimes it’s hard fitting conferences in the work schedule so this is a great alternative.
Getting to learn the ways to earn CEUs online with Danny and through NCTRC.
Sign-up for Danny Pettry’s self-study CEU Bundle (2.5 CEUs total) Session Content pre-approved by NCTRC. Go here: http://rectherapyceus.com/course/pyschologybundle-html/ 

What people liked about it:

Easy to follow. (comment shared twice)
good information (comment shared twice)
I thought that it was enjoyable and would do more programs. Did not feel scared to participate in answering questions
It was very informative and well done. Appreciate it!
Informative and encouraging
Interesting to listen to.
I was able to attend a CEU in the comfort of my own home
Information on how to do onlune courses and how fast you can get your ceus done.
Very useful information
Very informative.(comment shared twice)
Very informative for where you can get ceu’s from home!!
Helpful info for ceu’s!
It was very informational and a helpful too as well.
user friendly
CEU Secrets was very interesting, can’t wait to try the tips.
Thank you.
Great info.
I loved how informative this course was. I struggle with finding time to be able to go to conferences. These CEU secrets were really helpful and I am looking forward to experiencing the online CEU courses.
Easy of format.
The information on getting ceu’s
very informative on how to get more CEU’s and opportunities to get more CEU’s
Free, Easy, Didn’t have to miss work, Able to enjoy from home.
Useful information
I like how it we flexible and informative
I am new to the field (just certified in May ’17) and it was really helpful learning more in-depth about the ways I can earn CEUs online. Thank you, this was a great starting point for me!
I listened to the webinar over my phone on Wednesday, 9/20/17 because the site kept saying the webinar was full, so I’ve actually heard it twice. I liked the very friendly and casual tone of the presentation. Danny’s comments: the mistake was on my end. I thought we could host 1,000 people .the webinar service limited seating and it caused a disaster for about 100 people who didn’t get in. some were able to get it on the phone. Others had to wait for the replay video.
I enjoyed learning more about Ceu, and how they can be summited and how many hours equals the 50
I was under the impression that it was 50 hrs for the year so that was relief hearing you say it was 50 hrs in 5 years. It was very helpful when you were going through the question/answer section, and I learned a lot from that. Thank you.
It was online and stress free.
The positive view on therapeutic recreation as whole and the tips and tricks for better understanding of how CEU’s work and how to get them
This was my 1st web cast on my own and it was very easy. Very informative 🙂
Good information and easy to following.
It was more informative than I thought it would be. Great information.
Very interesting. I am very interested in taking more online course to obtain my CEU’s. Thank you
That I could log in and listen and ask questions, it was easier then I thought. I liked many of the suggestions on different options on how to obtain CEU.
It was convenient, and informative.
quick, easy, and in my own home. I had a few computer glitches but something I will learn about 🙂
The ability to watch the replay

Sign-up for Danny Pettry’s self-study CEU Bundle (2.5 CEUs total) Session Content pre-approved by NCTRC. Go here:


 About CEUs and CEU opportunities:

The online opportunities to receive CEU’s
I never realized that I could do CEUs at home. I have a 4 month old so it makes it difficult to attend conferences.
I’m one of those people who cannot attend too many conferences, so it was nice to hear about another option to keep my certification.
The tips for CEUs and where to get them.
The breakdown of the expenses of attending conferences vs the online courses.
I really enjoyed how you explained the utilization of online/self study programs and how easy and convenient they are.
Confirmation that online access to CEUs is available and often the most accessible way to gain.
The information on the different ways to gain CEUs that are more convienient.
I really enjoyed the convenience of being able to earn CEU’s from the comfort of my own home.
I liked that I could attend from the comfort of my home.
It was in the comfort of my own home.
I enjoyed the convenience of it.
CEU’s for NCTRC seemed daunting and unattainable, but this helped me see an option.
Tips on getting CEU’s
Learning about online webinars available.
Learning different ways to get CEU’s
Loved the tips and secrets…sharing your personal experience with going to conferences and getting CEUs(hotel story was hilarious)
1.different ways to obtain CEUs without going to a conference.

2. the ability to watch the webinar outside of work. wasn’t able to watch due to starting a new job and was working at the time.

I enjoyed learning more about online ceus.
The educational opportunities that are available and the information about licensure
I liked learning about the online CEU’s, I had heard about them but hadn’t looked into them yet. Will definitely give them a shot.
It was relaxed, convenient, and while I did not have many questions regarding CEU’s it confirmed what I did know already about NCTRC. Also it is nice to have options getting my CEU’s. Thank you again.
I enjoyed learning about the secrets to receiving opportunities for continuing education credits and why continuing education credits are so important in the recreation therapy field. It was very informative!
I enjoyed how I could sit at the comfort of my home and watch this webinar and not have to worry about getting anywhere. The online ceus are so convenient for my busy lifestyle.
Gave very insightful information about obtaining CEUs. I am a very recent CTRS and this webinar gave me the information I needed about CEUs that I was most confused about while in school.
I enjoyed all of the info about how to calculate CEUs.
Good information about the way to receive CEU’s
convenience/no cost/information for future webinars
He provided a great breakdown on the costs of conferences.
The reviews for recertification
I really enjoyed learning about more ways to get CEUs as a newer CTRS thinking about 50 CEUs can be intimidating so it was helpful to learn more!
Learning about cheaper ways to earn CEU credits
Easy way to get CEU’s, good info, convenient.
I enjoyed knowing that I am able to earn CEUs from the comfort of my own home. I just graduated from college and working full time makes it hard for me to take off (let alone I don’t have enough money to pay for) to go to conferences around the world.
information received about on-line training
All of it. I listened to it via phone. I thought it was very imformative. I moved a few years ago to another state so I need to catch up on my CEU’s
easy accessibility, introduction to choices of CEU’s
I enjoyed learning that TR is expanding through time.
Insight into CEU opportunities
I enjoyed learning about the secrets of CEU
I didn’t know how many online CEU opportunities were available so that was very informative. I like conferences at times but it would be much more convenient to explore online options more.
I enjoyed getting information on the different online courses I can pay for to earn CEUs. Also, I finally learned how to read the hours on each course ex. 1.0= 10 hours.
It was informative about how to obtain CEU’s for my CTRS Certification and was convenient that I could complete it in a flexible way
I enjoyed learning about how to save time and money and also getting my CEUs
Learning to save money on CEUs
Saving time & money by getting CEU’s online
Great tips that were given out for better learning, focus and CEU tips.
The comparison between conference fees and online CEU courses!
So much information about getting CEUs and at a lower price.
Learning about this CEU opportunity
different benefits of doing online reverts
Providing insight about obtaining CEU’s as well as shedding light on how vast our degrees are and stressing the importance of our field. Very informative!
Learning about how to get online ceus especially for psychiatry as I work in that area.
The comfort and ease of completing continuing education units while at home.
Cost comparison for out of town versus online CEU cost. When I think CEU costbfir an online course is high, it’s good to reflect on what I could be spending.
Hearing about the benefits of taking online CEU courses
It providing me with ideas on how I need to get CEU’s
I like finding out possible CEU you have available. I enjoy attending the CEU . This time I had to listen on the phone
The money comparison between a conference and online CEUs
very informative and provided a lot of useful information regarding CEU’s
 I could attend at home and not have to worry about travel and lodging.
it was informative about different ways to acquire CEUs other than spending a lot of money going to a conference. also learned more about your website and what you offer!
Confirmation that on-line education is a viable alternative to the time, travel, expense and inconvenience of attending conferences.
How to go about getting ceus cheaper than goi g to a conference occasionally and in their comfort if my home.
I enjoyed the information regarding how to obtain CEUs. I found it interesting that you could obtain so many CEUs from taking a graduate level course.
I enjoyed the flexibility and cost.
Learning about getting CEUs without attending a conference that you have to travel or take vacation time. Thank you. Look forward to more webinar.
The information that was provided about licensure and other educational opportunities

Sign-up for Danny Pettry’s self-study CEU Bundle (2.5 CEUs total) Session Content pre-approved by NCTRC. Go here:


Other CEUs – beyond Danny’s Rec Therapy CEUs

I was happy to hear you give info on methods of getting CEUs other than your own service. Danny Pettry’s comments: I don’t see myself in competition with others. I feel confident that I know what I know. I am happy to refer people to other programs where people have other expertise knowledge and experience.
I’m also wondering if the graduate class has to be in Recreational Therapy or if it can be related to Recreational Therapy in some way.  Danny Pettry’s comments: Contact NCTRC for official information. One graduate level course counts for 45 out of the 50 CEUs you’ll need to earn. It counts if it meets TR knowledge areas.
He shared different opportunities and contacts that rec therapists can utilize at different facilities.
Comments about the online CEU. I have completed EU’s for the past 30 years. The last 15 have been a mix of classroom and online. Is there still that required mix or can we do all online? Still unsure. Danny Pettry’s comments: This varies by state. Some states, like California only allow for 10 hours of online/ self-study CEU training. At this time, NCTRC does allow all 50 to be completed online. Of course, contact NCTRC for official information. My thoughts: I think NCTRC should limit online learning to only 50% of CEUs, however, I don’t think they will do that because sometimes it is difficult for the CTRS to find CEUs.
Convenience and the resources provided for other CEU opportunities.
It was informative and helpful to know the resources.
I was introduced to a new website .Also, gave me motivation to really explore ATRA documents and online education.
Understanding CEU’s and he availability of online CEU opportunity.
Gave me a better ideas of a couple other places to get ceus’s from.
Resources on CEU’s
I enjoyed learning the different ways to obtain more CEU
The fact that I was provided with a vast number of choices and options on how to obtain y CEUs.

Sign-up for Danny Pettry’s self-study CEU Bundle (2.5 CEUs total) Session Content pre-approved by NCTRC. Go here:


People enjoyed it being Interactive:

I enjoyed being able to interact with other professionals. Not being able to attend conferences, I will often feel alone in this world providing recreational therapy services in the community. It was nice to find another way to get credit.
When Danny got the listeners involved to answer the questions. A lot of it pertained to me.
I liked how the Wedinar was interactive with the people listening/ watching Danny Pettry
Engaging with audience
Seeing how many CTRS’s there are, what their work setting is and what groups of individuals they serve are. Also, the various ways to complete CEU’s and the helpful tips
I enjoyed the interaction time and the questions you asked.

You got my mind going and active.

I enjoyed the Q&A at the end.
Question and answers section
I enjoyed that he engaged us via comments.
I enjoyed hearing that other therapists relate to the same struggles I have when it comes to finding and paying for CEUs and the information about Danny’s site as easy access to them.
I enjoyed how he provided his Facebook information to find out about other important information for rec therapists!
What I enjoyed about this webinar was the max interaction Danny had with those who were watching.
I enjoyed the questions and answers portion. I feel more comfortable in knowing how to earn my CEUs.
I enjoyed the fact that it was interactive and that a lot of my questions about CEUS were answered.
. The group ask good questions.

Sign-up for Danny Pettry’s self-study CEU Bundle (2.5 CEUs total) Session Content pre-approved by NCTRC. Go here:


It appeared that we had two (2) Un-happy customers:

It was okay, not what I expected.

Danny Pettry’s comments: ah man, bummer. Thanks for your honesty and thanks for giving my webinar a try.

Nothing… sorry

Danny Pettry’s comments: ah man, bummer again. I regret to hear that you got “nothing from it.” I’m optimistic in hoping that you already knew this information.

Danny’s comments: ya’ can’t please them all.

Sign-up for Danny Pettry’s self-study CEU Bundle (2.5 CEUs total) Session Content pre-approved by NCTRC. Go here:


How does your favorite cookie rank?

canstockphoto5325747 As a personal disclosure: I love cookies. It is my weakness. In fact, my nieces and nephews call me, “Uncle Cookie.” I don’t feel bad because I know Superman has “kryptonite.” Well, Super doesn’t go and seek kryptonite.


One of my friends from Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success showed a picture of her workout (keeping her physical health). Her t-shirt reads: “abs are great, but have you tried doughnuts? (Laugh aloud). Extra fun because she is lifting weights while wearing this shirt!


I got the bright idea to do a cookies statistics project! Last week, I asked recreation therapists (and people who are members of my rec therapy group) to share their favorite cookie.


I’ve manged to take four statistics classes throughout my college career. Two during undergraduate school. I had taken one as a prerequisite for nursing. I had taken another one as a graduate student in Recreation Therapy at Indiana University and another one as a graduate student in Mental Health Counseling at Lindsey Wilson College.  My knowledge and skills in statistics is about as good as my two years of Spanish. I can say “me gusta” for “I like” and No me gusta,” for “I don’t like.” I image that could be very beneficial.


Am I smart? Here is a true funny story. My mother babysit kids after school for many years. One little girl was into gymnastics and cheering. She was doing all kinds of stunts. My mother complimented her, calling her a “tough cookie.” I was attention seeking and was like, “what about me? I’m a smart cookie, right?” laugh aloud. My brother quickly replied, “more like a stale cookie.” laugh aloud. Good times. My father says, “I like average. We’ve got a lot of average in this family.”


Me: I can admit that I’m not the brightest M&M cookie in the box. I have determination, persistence. I have grit like a tough cookie. but all in all, I’m just an average plain cookie.


My girlfriend in high school had taken the ACT (a popular college entrance exam) on the same date. She jokingly said, “I made twice your score, plus two” when we got our results back. I was like, okay, 15 times 2 is 30 and then plus two more, 32. She had one of the highest scores. She got a full scholarship to Marshall University (Huntington, West Virginia). Me: I had to take 12 hours of courses that didn’t count towards my degree to prove I can handle college (since my ACT score wasn’t high enough. I took: English 98, English 99, English 100, and Math 100. These 12 credit hours didn’t count towards my degree. I found them to be fun.  I still completed my undergraduate degree in four years (by taking summer classes each year too.


Check out where your favorite cookie ranks in our rec therapy group.


  • N = 51 cookies were posted!
  • Mode: 10 people said “chocolate chip cookies” were their favorite! (Including me)
  • Range:  (One “1” single cookie which varied from butter cookies to Walker shortbread cookies) to the “10” (chocolate chip cookies).
  • Average: The average of all the cookies turned out to be 3.77. The cookies at 3.7 percent are somewhere around: (5% – Various Girl Scout cookies, 3% No bake cookies, and 3% Biscotti).

How does your favorite cookie rank?

Here is the breakdown:

  • 19% (Chocolate chip cookies)
  • 9% (Peanut butter cookies)
  • 7% (Oreo – including those who favor double stuffed)
  • 7% (Oatmeal – including those who like it with raises or chocolate chips)5% (Sugar cookies)
  • 5% (White Macadamian Nut Cookies)
  • 5% (Various Girl Scout cookies)
  • 3% No bake cookies
  • 3% Biscotti (That surprised me a bit)
The final 37% of people had a “single” cookie that only had one vote, including:
  • butter cookies
  • double chocolate chunk
  • Ghirardelli
  • Giger snaps
  • magic bars
  • Monster cookies
  • Russian tea cookies
  • scotcheroos
  • snickerdoodle
  • Walker shortbread

Zero (0%) of people selected M&M cookies. How did I forget that?

 Well – that is the way the cookie crumbles.
And here are some more fun quotes to cheer you up:
“A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.” (laugh aloud)
Cookies make the world a better place.
Cookies make everything better
Life is short – eat the cookie.
I’m about one cookie away from being happy.
Keep calm and eat a cookie.
Don’t become a stale cookie. Be a smart cookie.  Continue your education.
Continue your success. Continue your career.
Take a self-study CEU course from Danny Pettry’s (Rec Therapy CEUs)
These courses are convenient and helpful to use
cookies copy

ATRA Webinar Series – CEUs you can use

Hello there –

Disclaimer: I am a Lifetime Member of the American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA). I am not an elected member of the ATRA board. I am not a paid spokesperson for ATRA. I am just a member of the association passing along information.

Here is the email:

We are excited to announce the
2017 ATRA Webinar Series
is open for registration.
With six different series available, and 19 new innovative webinars, there’s bound to be something perfect for you.
We’ve got great topics and fantastic speakers for you to choose from. And the best part is they are all CEU-approved (make sure to check on CEU registration when you sign-up).
You will walk away from each webinar with tangible learning outcomes that can help you at your workplace.
Can’t pick just one? Be sure to sign up for the entire series at a cost savings to you.
If you can’t listen live, make sure you order the replay version (after each webinar takes place, we will add the replay purchase information in the ATRA Bookstore).
For more information on each series and registration information click the series title below.
Questions? Contact ATRA at membership@atra-online.com or call 703.234.4140


11130 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 350
Reston, VA 20191



Important Message for RTs


DannyPettry.com: Rec Therapy CEUs can help you to develop your potential as a Rec Therapist

Here are some facts to know:

  • 1/3 of high school graduates never read another book for the rest of their lives.
  • 42% of college graduates never read another book after college.
  • 80% of U.S. families did not buy or read a book last year.
  • 70% of U.S. adults have not been in a bookstore in the last five years.
  • 57% of new books are not read to completion.

Statistics from (2003) study by the Jenkins Group


Danny’s important message for RTs: don’t be part of those statistics.


DannyPettry.com: Rec Therapy CEUs encourages recreational therapists to read more books. It’s a powerful thing to do.

Register for a self-study CEU course today to get your CEU credit for reading interesting books that will hop you to grow both as a person and a professional.

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