How I Cope with 9/11 – by Danny Pettry


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Monday is 9/11.

It is the anniversary of the attack on the United States by four hijacked planes. Two went into the World Trade Center. One went into the Pentagon. The passengers on the fourth plan fought back and the plane crashed in Pennsylvania. It is hard to determine where that fourth plane was aiming for.

I get overwhelmed with emotions around 9/11. I often feel depressed dwelling on the past or anxious worrying if it will happen again. I use Radical Acceptance as a coping skill. I’m don’t like that it happened, but I radically accept that it did happen, it is in the past, and there is nothing I can do to change that.

How far in the past is 9/11?  I provide services for children and teens. None of the kids were alive in 2001 (when it happened). The teens were either not born or too young to remember what happened 16-years-ago.

The truth is: bad stuff happened.

And yet, as a self-identified Idealist/Healer (INFP personality), I want to see the best in all people. Of course, I’m not so idealistic that I’m blind to evil in the world. I’m fully aware of The Force (Star Wars reference) and that that the Dark Side exists. It is out there. And yet, like the yin-yang, the opposite of the dark side exists too. I strongly believe in the Light Side (a Star Wars reference) to the good in the world.

Disclaimer: I read metaphysical books and I believe in the force. Of course, my belief isn’t like the force like Star Wars, but I do believe there is some larger connection, like the force, at work in the universe. Scientists have discovered the connection. They call it Higgs boson. It is often referred to as the “God particle.”

Is it real? I have “faith.” Is there evidence? A group of 4,000 people who used meditation and prayer (during the summer of 1993 in Washington) argues that their work was the result of a 20% decrease in crime during that time.

Recreation therapists who are trained in Heart-rate variability (HRV) understand that our hearts radiate energy. Some recreation therapists claim that the practitioner (the recreation therapist) should be in a state of intentional heart-rate coherence when providing services for patient. Being in a a state of heart-rate incoherence can have negative impact on those around us.

WE, recreation therapists believe in the powerful and healing aspects of recreation and activity.

Some ideas for interventions:

  • Donate money to support a positive cause, like Red Cross
  • Do something good for someone else, for free
  • Volunteer to help a charity (by spending real time helping)
  • Collect items for a good-cause (a book drive)
  • Start a singing group (like Christmas carols)
  • Let another car have a parking space that you want
  • Say something nice to someone
  • Help an adversary (or a competitor)
  • Give someone a hug
  • Sending supplies to a nursing home
  • the list of ideas is endless
  • You. You’re creative. I feel confident you have many amazing ideas. Do it. Don’t wait. there time is never right. Do something good today. Start a domino effect. Start a Pay It Forward movement in your local area.

I’ll end this post with advice from The Beatles:

Super Heroes (and Heroines) Inspire People to be their Best.


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Blockbuster movies taken place every summer. These movies are released. Some of them are great. Some are flops. Some of them become legendary movies that develop a cult-like following.


Movies are an activity that people enjoy during the summer. People watch them on holidays, on vacations, or just because it is a fun thing to do on the weekend for entertainment.


Spiderman was released this weekend. It is  the third reboot of Spiderman. These movies are based on the comic book character created by Stan Lee. (Please note Stan Lee has a cameo) in this movie, as he does in most Marvel movies based on his characters. Keep your eyes open for him.


I am a comic book fan. (Also known as a geek). I won’t apologize for being true and authentic.


Entertaining movies inspire us. Spiderman inspired me. I wanted to share my feelings about the movie without giving away any secrets of the plot. I felt amazed (The Amazing Spiderman). I felt inspired by good over evil. I don’t like to say “fighting” because that assumes their is an enemy. I like the concept of good encouraging more good in the world and I think this movie gives that. The so-called bad-guy who I refer to as (Bat Man because he is played by Michael Keaton) makes a change in this movie.


Good and evil are often the plot lines of movies. There is the hero and there is the villain. Often the hero wins because he (or she) has many positive character traits. It isn’t about having a suit with special powers. It isn’t about having a hero name. It isn’t even about having special abilities. It is more than that. True heroism comes from character traits like being authentic, brave, courageous, determined, persistent, and focused on doing good.


Money is power in our [Real-Life] universe. Many people in Hollywood make a lot of money from movies: actors, directors, filmmakers, etc. Money only maximizes the true self. Jim Cary’s “The Mask” is a good example. The mask gives Jim Carey’s character special abilities (which is funny). However, when a villain puts it on the mask maximizes the evil. In example: if you’re already evil and you get a lot of money – you’ll take it to do more of what you already are.


Learning and loving are two of my values in life. These are my own authentic beliefs on what is really important in life. I do them now. Spiderman was deeply aligned with doing-good-nature and philosophy.  Naturally, it inspired me to be a real-life superhero. There is a Bat Man (motivational speaker) based out of my town: Huntington, West Virginia. he shares with kids and teens (and even adults) that anybody can be bat man by doing good.


I want to do good  in several areas of my life. Ways to do it in real life include: @ work (doing the best); @ home (helping the family); @ community (helping others, volunteering); and in community (letting a person driving car go in front of me or get the parking space); and so much more.


My July and August summer charity project (at work) is going to be based on books. Reading is another hobby of mine. I am going to collect books for the children and adolescents are our residential treatment facility. Yes, some of these books will be based on blockbuster Heros, like Spiderman and other (Heroines too). Yes – these books will give kids a healthy hobby for the summer.

My goal: Collect at least (child appropriate books) before midnight on August 31st for our residential treatment programs libraries.


My challenge to you. What kind of a good-deed are you going to do this summer?

Set a deadline. By midnight August 31st.

Be a real life super hero. Do something good. Start today. Don’t wait to be a hero when you have money or time or power. Like Nike, “do it” now.