Three reasons to choose Danny Pettry as your self-study CEU solution!


Danny Pettry’s program requires reading interesting books!

Recently, a recreation therapist emailed to ask: What makes DannyPettry’s Rec Therapy CEUs program different from our competitor’s CEU program.

The answer is real simple:

Reading books is what makes (Danny Pettry’s Rec Therapy CEUs) more distinguished and prestigious from our new rookie online CEU competitor.

Our competitor argues, “Books are optional for [their] courses as the content needed to pass the course is delivered online via presentations” That doesn’t sound too smart to us. Ironically, they feature a book in their logo.

Yes – Danny Pettry’s Rec Therapy CEUs requires reading books.

And we’d like to validate that independent learners gain three (3) major outcomes from our (book reading) program compared to their (skip-the-book option) program.


Competitive advantage # 1: Depth and Profoundness


Books improve your knowledge.

Wendy’s ads in 1984 questioned their competitor’s burgers by asking, “Where’s the beef?”

We’d like to ask: Where’s the book? Where’s the content? Where’s the deeper knowledge?

Example: I could write a lovely presentation on humanistic psychology, but that will never compare with the depth of the subject written by Carl Rogers in his book, On Personal Power. Even if created book summary review (on a slideshow presentation) on his book that was amazing, most people would want to “hear it from the horses’ mouth.” I can’t out-Rogers – Carl Rogers.

Something to think about: Tim Sander’s (Business leadership expert) argues:

“Reading is a source of potency. Become a walking encyclopedia of answers for anyone who has questions.”

Imagine the personal satisfaction and depth of knowledge you’ll gain from reading a book.  Feel the satisfaction.


Competitive advantage # 2: Definitely Prestigious


Reading books is a prestigious activity.

Tom Hanks plays the role of Jimmy Dugan, in the 90’s movie, A League of Their Own. This movie is based on the true story of an all-female baseball team coached by professional ballplayer Jim Dugan during WWII. One of the most memorable lines from the movie is when Jim Dugan (played by Hanks) says this about baseball: “It’s supposed to hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it.”

Reading a book takes time and effort. It is harder, but it is worthwhile. It’s valuable.

A presentation on a book is just… too easy.

Example: I could write a book summary (and put in in a slideshow format) of Stephen King’s (2012) novel Blockade Billy, much like the summary of the book at wikipedia.  However, you’d get more fulfillment out of the 112 page novel compared to the one-page summary on wikipedia.

Something to think about: American author, Mark Twain said,

“The person who won’t read has no advantage over the person who can’t read.”

Imagine the pride you’ll feel from completing a book. You’ll be more interesting in conversation. Why yes… I did read that book!


Competitive advantage # 3: Achievement and Success


Leaders are readers.

Researchers have identified that Chief Executive Offers (CEOs) of Fortune 500 Companies read an average of 50 to 60 books per year.  One key element of successful people is that they read a lot of books. Researches have found that wealthy people read more books.


  • Oprah is wealthy. She selected her favorite books every month for her book club.
  • People asked Elon Musk, where did you learn to build rockets? His answer: “I read books.”
  • Bill Gates reads about 50 books per year.
  • Danny Pettry: I read about two books per week. Most of these books are about business, self-improvement, personal growth, success, and spirituality. But I also read fiction from time to time too.

Disclaimer: I can’t promise that you’ll get financially wealthier from taking my courses, but you’ll definitely develop wealthier knowledge.

Something to think about: Motivational speaker, Brian Tracy said,

Read an hour every day in your chosen field. This works out to be about one book per week, 50 books per year, and will guarantee your success.”

Imagine how you’ll use your newfound knowledge to achieve your dreams and passions.

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2017 Rec Therapist Culture Book has been released

The 2017 Rec Therapy CEUs – Culture book is new.

This book was created to help share the important message of what we’re doing here at

Read the book. Get to know who we are and what we’re doing.

It is a big book. Give it a few seconds to download.

Go here now:

P.s. – share the link with the world. 3d_culture_book

Why RTs choose for CEUs

I did a survey:

On a scale of (0) none to (10) a lot – how likely are you to use Rec Therapy CEUs in the next year?


  • 56% of webinar attendees selected a “10.”
  • 12% of webinar attendees selected an “8.”
  • 9% of webinar attendees selected a “9.”
  • 9% of webinar attendees selected a “6.”
  • 3% of webinar attendees selected a “5.”
  • 0% of webinar attendees selected a “0, 1, 2, 3, or 4.”

In addition:

  • 9% did not submit survey


Overall, 77% of webinar attendees selected 8 to 10 as likely to take a self-study course!


The reasons people want to use Rec Therapy CEUs:

Because it is so helpful.
It was great info. I would recommend it to anyone.
I have attended several webinars and they are very helpful and informative
It is the greatest!
I have took many CEUs from this website and I enjoy them.
easy and quick cues
I like the free ones!
Because I really enjoy the courses, and the subjects they are based on, and I hope to have the money to buy the courses in the near future
Because your CEU opportunities are accessible and at times free!
Easy and user friendly
I always use this site, it is excellent!
I have already purchased a CEU
I like the option of a self paced course.
There was a lot of valuable/applicable information.
Not sure.
I am confused by this question
Easy way to get CEUS from comfort of home
I enjoy the CEUs, and I can tell Danny truly cares about us as Rec Therapists.
There was the discount provided from this course.
I like his website.
I prefer to attend Conferences and workshops but love the conveniences of obtaining CEUs online too.
Very informative and nice way to earn ceus
I enjoy being able to get CEUs at home. Danny’s courses are very informative and easily accessible.
Great way to get CEU’s!




Review for Happy Secrets

A total of 107 people signed up for the webinar and 67 people showed up and attended
What did you like about the webinar?
Here are the comments from people who submitted reviews:
Ideas on how to incorporate techniques for programs.
A Lot of good points where made that I can use in my practice. Also there where a few assessments named that could be helpful to use in my practice. I also would like to read all the books that were mentioned in the webinar.
it was amazing.
Very Interesting. Will use in my workplace
I enjoyed how he provided multiple different types of resources (books & websites) in order to continue further research surrounding this topic.
Stay positive. Validate emotions. If you want to be happy study happy people
The flow of the presentation.
I enjoyed knowing there is an online class on happiness to earn further CEU’s
I found there to be a lot of information I could utilize in my groups
It reminded why being happy is so important
The cheer yourself up suggestions were good for personal use as well as groups. I also see emotions in a new light, neither good nor bad. The validation of emotions will definitely be incorporated in my anger management groups.
all of it.
I enjoyed all the information, the books you recommended, and the interaction you provided the peers. Thank you again.
I enjoyed the list of resources you provided about happiness. I will be looking for some of the books in the near future. I have even already gone and taken the positive ratio test!
It was a great reminder on what to practice on a daily basis to improve one’s happiness.
I learned ways to help make myself happier, which in turn I would be in a better place emotionally/mentally to help my residents.
educational and interesting
I really enjoyed hearing personal stories and hearing how you work with youth. The affect assessment was really helpful as well.
I enjoyed the section discussing measuring your happiness and cheering yourself up. I thought the discussion of mental health was important as well
I liked the Charlie Brown book about happiness.
It was very informative and entertaining, love your accent
I enjoyed the fact that you related it to Rec Therapy so many times
learning about resources that I could use
The research based info
Learned a lot I can use in my work place and he kept it interesting
Lots of good resources given!
I enjoyed the suggestions of FUN activities/groups.
The different ideas for groups to run
Learning different secrets to happiness
I enjoyed that there were relatable moment and the cartoons.
I enjoyed all the information about various books to use as resources
Great webinar Danny! Very well thought out. You backed every tip on how to cheer up with studies and research and gave great book resources. I want to do a group with my patients on this subject matter with all the tips you gave out! Thank you!
All the book resources that were provided
Very informative and well presented
Very applicable for the patients I work with. Informative
The webinar was filled with information and i would love to have a list of the books you spoke of.
Theories and sources used
I enjoyed seeing all of the resources and books that were used and recommended.
Good refresher for basic knowledge that we as professionals forget to break down
reference books
Informative and helpful with good points and book list.
It reinforced and added to what I share with my clients!
The book recommendations.
The information about happiness.
Enjoyed all the resources and assessments K Informative
The topic is of interest.
Good advice about assisting clients and practitioners to have a better attitude.
Very informative
The excellent suggested reading material. Also, multiple suggestions that I can utilize when assessing and assisting patients.
Learned useful tools to utilize with my patients. Enjoyed hearing of new resources and book suggestions to learn more information on happiness.
I enjoyed the book ideas! I’m excited to see the email with the book list.
I related to a lot of the stories. I work in inpatient mental health and so I understand how some of this content could work in a group session.
Easy to follow along with format and the great humor kept me engaged.
I think this is great subject to re-evaluate every so often because people often take happiness for granted. This allowed me to really think about what makes me happy and why it is so important to keep yourself and others connected with happiness.
Very interesting information.
I like there is 4 four different assessments to measure: Optimism, Positivity, Resilience, and Happiness.

Need CEUs? Want something conveient: Go here:


How could the webinar have been improved?

here are the answers:

It was great
There was some lag.
Ending at 5:00. I am on the clock and my employer expected me to have this complete within an hour.
Not sure, it was entertaining for me 🙂
An hour isn’t enough time to go over everything; however, if we can obtain a slide before the webinar, it could be helpful when taking notes.
It was perfect
It was good. No changes needed
Not sure
I think the webinar was run very smoothly and I do not have anything I would change about it.
More coping skills to utilize.
It was great!
It was great, I enjoyed it
I think this was great! I appreciate this happy topic
Personally I liked it when webinars were on Wednesdays but that’s because that is my day off. Either way I was able to watch this webinar at work.

Amazing opportunities coming in 2017!

0001awesome online training program is dedicated to professional recreational therapists.

We’re determined and persistent in helping you. And we’re definitely preferred by recreational therapists as the leader in online trainings for recreational therapists.

We’re going to be rolling out some new amazing training programs in early 2017.

We’re not going to pre-announce these training courses quiet yet. – to keep my new direct competition in the dark from copying us.

But here are some things I can tell you. I asked 2,000 recreational therapists what they wanted. We got a good turnout of answers.

  • 92% of my mailing list wanted our main program. – so we’re definitely going to offer this!
  • 57% of my mailing list wanted the second program. – so we’re going to offer this too!
  • 47.9% wanted the third program. – and we’re going to offer this too.


Keep reading emails from my site so you won’t be in the dark about this dynamic programs! If you haven’t done so already – then you can go here to sign-up: – amazing reviews gets outstand reviews by our students. Read what they have to say below. And…  If you’re ready to invest in your own your potential as a recreational therapist then simply head over to my site for online training programs here:


  • It has very useful information that is applicable to TR programming. The self-study course is straight forward and convenient.
  • Reading the book “Made to Stick”. Information I can use
  • Reading and owning the books. Good future reference materials
  • ease of getting the information
  • Self paced and easily accessed. Great book
  • I found it to be very clear and perfect for me.
  • The book was great and applied it to my life. I felt it really helped with my work as well and applied it on the job.
  • enjoyed that I got to do it from my own home, when I was available. I feel like I am so busy with work sometimes that it is difficult to get CEU’s outside of my work. This was refreshing.
  • I can apply this information to my group and individual sessions when discussing stress management
  • I liked how simple it was. All I had to do was watch a video, take notes, and then take a quiz on the video’s content
  • No suggestions for improvement.
  • I can take the course quiz as many times as I want, No deadline for course completion. It’s perfect. No changes necessary.
  • Clear objectives and guidelines
  • It’s awesome
  • Affordable, informative, and concise.
  • It’s perfect. no changes necessary
  • no time limit.
    able to re-take the quiz as much as needed.
  • nothing needs improvement. it’s perfect. no changes necessary.
  • Convenience
  • good refresher
  • Being able to complete this on my own time, in my own home
  • No improvement needed
  • easy access and appropriate
  • Done from my home
  • Short, sweet, and to the point
  • I can do it on my own time and take the quiz over if necessary
  • Could complete from my own home.
  • I can go at my own pace, can reflect on what I read and discuss with others before required to take exam to get their opinions and expertise.
  • I have been taking courses from Danny Pettry for a number of years now. I always like the ease of studying at my own time and taking the test at my leisure.

 If you’re ready to invest in your own your potential as a recreational therapist then simply head over to my site for online training programs here:

A new design

I created a new flyer to help market my CEU program.

I have been sending these out to people.

I also gave them out to people at the ATRA 2016 Conference in Chicago.

Email me if you’d like to get some of these flyers in the mail to give out to other RTs. Be sure to include your full complete mailing list and how many you’d like to have.

Outside cover


Inside cover:


Email me if you’d like to get some of these flyers in the mail to give out to other RTs. Be sure to include your full complete mailing list and how many you’d like to have.

Review of Danny Pettry’s Anger Management Training for RTs (Webinar)


I provided a training on Anger Management tonight (9/21/16) and 52 people attended.

I love providing training sessions. It is my hobby.

I was really pleased to receive so many positive comments from the participants tonight.

Their comments were definitely positive:


I enjoyed. Learning the techniques in dealing with other people that have anger problems
Great analogies and examples of how anger can be portrayed. i.e the soda bottle, emotional bowel movement, etc. Very clever ways to describe anger to people of all functional abilities.
Learning different ways to handle the angry patients.  Glad you shared some of your situations too. I can relate with getting bit. Not a fun situation!
Love that it’s a lot of info in a short amount of time.
It is nice to earn CEU’s at home.
You kept the presentation moving quickly and didn’t get bogged down in unnecessary details.
I liked the section on the positive aspects of anger because that was new to me.
I loved the ease of access and that you are an engaging and dynamic speaker!
I enjoyed the personal stories from Danny as a way to relate practice to everyday use.
I enjoyed the many analogies that made things more tangible! I also enjoyed the information from several sources such as books, trainings, and counseling experience.
It provided more information about what to talk about anger management in a group setting. Thank you very much for this class!
The information was helpful and the presentation was interesting
I enjoyed that Danny was able to use quotes to help back up his education. I also like that he took the time to answer people’s questions individually. I also enjoyed the reference to shaking a coke bottle and opening it quickly versus opening it slowly as a comparison to anger.
The entire webinar was great.
Great information on anger…very useful!!!
Pinterest activities
Great job.
He really explained into details about the different types of angry
Very informative and interesting. Will you some of the activity ideas for my groups in adult behavioral health
Learning different coping skills with angry. Two different types of angry
I enjoyed learning about the different ways to help someone deal anger.  I agree with the deep breathing technique and how it helps lower blood pressure and calms the body.
Great relational examples, easy to follow.
Although it was more geared toward working with children I feel I can tweak the scenarios for my population I work with.
The discussion about our own anger as Recreation Therapists dealing with different people and different settings. I work in a prison so this is something I do a lot of self-care about.
It is nice to hear some of the personal stories and be able to relate to the work being done by you and others
I enjoyed the entire webinar. I really liked that we had a question and answer section! I gained knowledge on behavioral intervention.
I enjoyed watching the different strategies to use when someone is experiencing anger. for ex. ____ acceptance. Many of the residents I work with experience some form of anger and listening to some approaches on what to do is helpful.
I enjoyed the process of de-escalation you provided.
Review and reminders of how to deal with things.  It, anger management, really is controlled by you, your actions and reactions to people, others behaviors and verbal and nonverbal communications.

Thank You!

I enjoy the references that you use so if I need further information I know where to look!
Good pointers to respond to an angry person.
Thank you!
I enjoyed hearing your personal experiences and real life opportunity
Every webinar is packed with information
I loved the quotes and the hula hoop group he talked about. I’m definitely going to implement that group in my stress management/coping skills groups with my patients.
The power points and the topics covered.
had some new info on how to still validate others even when you are angry, had some good ideas discussed about how to incorporate these topics into different work places
Fun and informative
I learned more about myself and how to work with my own anger


Some Things I Appreciate about the Internet

Submitted by: David R. Austin, Ph.D., FDRT, FALS, Professor Emeritus, Indiana University

In no particular order, here are some things that I appreciate about the Internet. Having the ability to:

  • Make RT courses and degree programs available online. The availability of online offerings for practitioners is a particularly meaningful advancement.
  • Give practitioners the opportunity to keep up-to-date by taking webinars, such as those offered by ATRA.
  • Offer practitioners opportunities to gain CEUs offered by providers such as Danny
  • Gain daily online reports from the federal government on health care research.
  • Exchange information with RT colleagues via the listserv RecreationalTherapynet
  • Gain access to the latest published research in a wide array of scholarly journals including the American Journal of Recreation Therapy and Therapeutic Recreation Journal. (I especially like having access to Google Scholar as a means to locate and access articles.)
  • Receive information (e.g., ATRA Newsletter) from our national and state professional associations.
  • Check publishers (e.g., Sagamore Publishing, Idyll Arbor) websites for books available on recreational therapy.
  • Publish and read recreational therapy blogs, such as the RT Blog at
  • Post and read RT information on social media, such as Facebook.
  • Exchange information and ideas with colleagues using email.


  • Give students, faculty, and RTs access to RT related videos, such as the Recreation Therapy Videos offered as a free service by the Indiana University Library’s Scholarworks.
  • Offer free access to the Glossary of Recreation Therapy and Occupational Therapy through Indiana University’s Scholarworks.