[Video] – Recreational Therapy: An Introduction (4th edition)

Dr. David Austin has a new video, which he discusses his new book, “Recreational Therapy: An Introduction (4th edition).”

The video is posted at the bottom of this blog entry.

I [Danny Pettry] had first discovered recreational therapy in 1999 while doing volunteer work at a rehabilitation hospital. I had signed up to take the introduction to recreational therapy course at Marshall University (Huntington, West Virginia).

I made a trip that fall with my parents from little Beckley, West Virginia to Huntington for the day. We went shopping and ate lunch and stopped by the university so I could go ahead and pick up my books.

I recall getting an earlier edition of this book on that trip.

I was so passionate and excited about recreational therapy that I started to read the book in our car ride back to Beckley (about a 2-hour drive).

This new edition seems great. I can’t wait to read it!

Click here for a link with a sneak preview of the book (includes contents)

–> Click here to get a copy of the book. <–

No Cost Resources from Indiana University’s ScholarWorks

Submitted by: David R. Austin, Ph.D., FDRT, FALS, Professor Emeritus, Indiana University

Below are specific resources available to recreational therapy students, faculty, and practitioners who wish to take advantage the Indiana University Library’s ScholarWorks program. And all are free resources.

Glossary of Recreation Therapy and Occupational Therapy

  • No cost access to the Glossary of Recreation Therapy and Occupational Therapy is available via the Indiana University Library’s ScholarWorks program. The Glossary provides a handy tool for RT students from their introduction to recreational therapy course through their internships. All faculty instructing the introduction to RT course should list this resource on the syllabus so students become familiar with it. Another use of the Glossary has been as a resource for those preparing for the NCTRC exam to review terms that appear on the exam. To access the Glossary type the title into your search box or go to: https://scholarworks.iu.edu/dspace/bitstream/handle/2022/6474/Austin_Glossary.pdf?sequence=1

Recreational Therapy Videos

All 23 videos produced through Indiana University’s Recreation Therapy Video Project are available at no cost via streaming through the IU Library’s ScholarWorks program. The titles of videos available at no cost are:

  • Adaptive equipment
  • Case studies
  • Clinical supervision
  • Computer use in therapeutic recreation
  • Documentation and behavioral observation
  • Effective listening
  • Feedback in learning and performance situations
  • History of therapeutic recreation parts I, II, III
  • Individual program planning
  • Interactions with people who have disabilities
  • Models of practice : health protection/health promotion model
  • Models of practice : leisure ability model
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Portraits of pioneers in therapeutic recreation
  • Professional ethics
  • Professionalism in therapeutic recreation
  • Quality of life
  • Safe transportation : safely transporting clients
  • Therapeutic communication
  • Therapeutic recreation history : the formative years
  • Therapeutic recreation history: the modern era
  • To serve a purpose
  • Transfer techniques


The video “To Serve a Purpose” offers an overview of recreational therapy and is often used in introductory courses in recreational therapy. Other titles regularly employed in RT instructional programs include: “Professional Ethics” and “History of Therapeutic Recreation Parts I, II, III.” Several of the videos have been used by practitioners when presenting in-service training for recreational therapists or kindred professionals.

To access any of the RTV videos, type into the search box Recreation Therapy Videos and look for Indiana University ScholarWorks or go to https://scholarworks.iu.edu/dspace/handle/2022/3378