One Good Reason Why Recreational Therapists Should Vote in Elections.


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The facts:

  • Recreational Therapists are often asked to participate in action alerts. This consists of contacting your U.S. Congress-person or Senator regarding issues and legislation pertaining to Recreational Therapy. A good example is: H.R. 1906: Access to inpatient rehabilitation act of 2015. This bill was sponsored by our very own U.S. Congressman G.T. Thompson (from Pennsylvania) who holds the “CTRS” credential. G.T. is a past president of ATRA too!


  • Voter records are public. These public records don’t disclose your political party (Independent, Republication, Democrat, etc.) It doesn’t disclose who you voted for. That too is confidential. The public record identifies if you vote or not.  Think of having a good credit score. Now imagine that people who vote have stronger voter-scores. They’re more powerful.


My Thoughts and Feelings:

  • I think it is vital for recreational therapists to vote. This is how our voice is heard.


  • Here is one good reason I think it is important to vote!

We, Recreational Therapists are our only advocates. Sometimes, we contact our elected officials to take action regarding legislation regarding our profession. Imagine if your elected official has a record that you’re not a voter or you rarely vote at all. What would they do with that knowledge? What would they do if they knew you voted in 100% of elections? I’d imagine they care about their constitutions (people in their district), especially those who vote.  They want to make that voters are happy.


  • My Request:  Go out and vote!

It is a day late. Elections are ending on the east coast. Some states may already have ended their elections.




Rec Therapist: What are you going to do with your life?


Have you ever thought of how many days you have left until you die?

I have.

The truth is: we all die. Ironically, it is the month of October.

My personal favorite theory in psychology and counseling is the existential theory created by Victor Frankl. It is a theory about finding meaning in life.

There is a really neat informal assessment tool to determine how many years you’ll have.  It is one of the activity worksheets featured in the Leisure Education manual of resources by Elbert Chance and Norma Stumbo. The activity requires the participant to answer your questions about their life choices and it tells you how many years you’ll live. In example people who choose to smoke will take off a few numbers. Those who exercise can add a few  numbers. I used this book as a young professional and still use it today.

We Rec Therapists provide services to help promote health, wellness, independent functioning for people.

One of my mentors, Jack Canfield (co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul) book series (who is also from West Virginia) showed me this awesome youtube video titled: “The Time You Have (in JellyBeans).

You might want to share this video with the patients/ clients that you provide services for.

I [Danny Pettry] believe I’m pretty self-aware of who I am and what I want to accomplish in several areas of my life: family/ social, contribution, financial, health/ wellness, and my profession.

Please check out my “About” page at my web-site to learn more about my [Danny Pettry] goals for our profession: Recreational Therapy.

or go here: 

Here is my flyer: tentcard-8.5inx11in-v

The Truth About “Chicken Soup for the Soul”


Their FAQs page says this:

“I have a title suggestion for a future Chicken Soup for the Soul book. How can I submit my idea?”  

Here is their answer: “We do not take book title ideas from the public. Please do not send us book title ideas.”

What This Means:

They have said in advance at their site that they do not want us to send any book title ideas.

The Truth About Recreational Therapy

Fact # 1: We are going to create a book!

Fact # 2: It is going to be an amazing and wonderful book full of stories about Recreational Therapists doing great things.

Fact # 3: I [Danny Pettry] am a visionary. I can kind of see into the future. I can visualize this book already as if it were already real. It is really awesome. I can’t wait for you to read it.

The Truth is: Chicken Soup for the Soul might miss out on a great book project:

We’re going to give Chicken Soup for the Soul the first chance to take on this book title. But if they don’t. so what – someone will. Even if we have to ask 145 publishers or self-publish it. But I don’t think it would take that many.

We’ll just have a different title for the same book. It doesn’t have to be a Chicken Soup for the Soul series book.

Action Steps YOU can do right now:


Click here to sign the petition asking Chicken Soup to approve our book project!


Click here to chip in $10 to help us Win the campaign. 

Jack Canfield: Make this book possible!

I have a meeting with Jack Canfield (co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series) on Sat. Sept. 24th.

I’m going to ask him to create a Chicken Soup for the Recreational Therapist’s Soul book. Imagine how awesome that book would be. I sure hope he says yes.”

I’m have a petition requesting Jack Canfield to make this book possible. I hope to present him with at least 1,000 signatures this Saturday.

Please go to the link below and sign the petition: 

Danny Pettry’s: Rec Therapy for Children presentation at ATRA.

I had the wonderful opportunity to provide a training session today (Mon. Sept. 12, 2016) at the American Therapeutic Recreation Association’s annual conference in Chicago.

I presented on: “Rec Therapy for children (ages 7 to 12) with abuse-reactive needs at a residential treatment facility.” This area has been my major focus and specialization area. I’ve worked with this population and setting for 14+ years.

I had created 50 folders with slideshow handouts and other promotional items. Over 50 people attended this session because we ran out of folders. A few people had written their emails on a sheet of paper for me to email the presentation slideshow to them.

By the way – Here is a link with the presentation:

NOTE: this slideshow alone just isn’t as good as the real presentation because I had added a lot additional information to each slide while speaking. Plus, I included recreational therapy group activity ideas.

Here are some pictures that were kindly taken by the room monitor, Ashley Martin who had won the Peg Connolly Scholarship to attend this year’s conference. She is finishing her degree at Indiana University! I thought that was awesome! I had completed my master’s degree at Indiana University. It is a really wonderful program.


ATRA Conference – photo by Ashley Martin

I appear to be raising my hand in that picture? Here is a joke: I must have said, “Raise your hand if you think Danny is awesome?” Umm. no hands are raised in the picture below. please insert a fake laugh aloud at that joke now.


I received a lot of praise from people after this session.

I didn’t receive any complaints, so that is always nice.

Several people that didn’t attend my session had spoken to me today saying they heard it was a good session, including: Colleen Cooke and Sydney Sklar and others that I can’t recall. But I do appreciate those people who passed along that it was a good session.

[Video] – Recreational Therapy: An Introduction (4th edition)

Dr. David Austin has a new video, which he discusses his new book, “Recreational Therapy: An Introduction (4th edition).”

The video is posted at the bottom of this blog entry.

I [Danny Pettry] had first discovered recreational therapy in 1999 while doing volunteer work at a rehabilitation hospital. I had signed up to take the introduction to recreational therapy course at Marshall University (Huntington, West Virginia).

I made a trip that fall with my parents from little Beckley, West Virginia to Huntington for the day. We went shopping and ate lunch and stopped by the university so I could go ahead and pick up my books.

I recall getting an earlier edition of this book on that trip.

I was so passionate and excited about recreational therapy that I started to read the book in our car ride back to Beckley (about a 2-hour drive).

This new edition seems great. I can’t wait to read it!

Click here for a link with a sneak preview of the book (includes contents)

–> Click here to get a copy of the book. <–