Kelly Anne Crossland

Kelley Anne Crossland is a junior therapeutic recreation major at Temple University.

She has created a really neat TR Portfolio website. 

She outlines her education and experience in the field at her site.

Danny Pettry comments: I was at a conference in West Virginia about 10-years-ago or maybe more. I was eating lunch or dinner with Charlie Dixon (the operator of the TR Directory online) who is from Morgantown, West Virginia. We discussed how we were both surprised at the lack of webistes for our profession at the time. One of us pointed out that it was odd that two of the only people with web-sites in our profession were both from West Virginia, including: Charlie’s TR Directory, and myself, and TeachLeisure: Resources.

Here is the link to Kelley Anne Crossland’s TR portfolio:



Temple University – RT Wise Owls!

Temple University (Philadelphia, PA) had a vendor booth at the American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) conference in Chicago!

I picked up a neat flyer that advertises their RT Wise Owls.

It is a free database of information with evidenced-based research that is relevant to the scope of Recreational Therapy practice.

Here are the facts that the handout included:

  • 250+ research summaries related to RT practice
  • Explanation of the knowledge translation action cycle to help RTs learn how to conduct their own evidence-based practice literature review
  • Contains links to over 70 evidence-based practice search engines, webinars, and outcome measurements.

Danny Pettry: this is absolutely one of the best resources for recreational therapists out there.

You can follow RT Wise Owls email updates by going to their web-page and singing up for email updates:

NOTE: I didn’t see Heather Porter (Temple University), but I know she’ll be at the conference because she is presenting. I am going to attend her session. I did see her books at the Idyll Arbor vendor booth:

  • Recreational Therapy Basics, Techniques and Interventions
  • Recreational Therapy and the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health
  • Recreational Therapy for Specific Diagnoses and Conditions.