Fishing Therapy Documentary

RUDY AND NEAL GO FISHING – Documentary Premieres Nov 6th at 9pm

This is a film about two guys going fishing in South Florida’s beautiful waters.

Rudy is a U.S. Army veteran suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Neal is a tournament angler with an unusual professional background.

Alexandera Millet dedicates her life to helping veterans

Chrystian Tejedor had written an article titled, “Recreational therapy student dedicates her life’s work to helping veterans that was posted at FIU News.

It is a story about Alexandera Millet.

The article is heart-warming and amazing. It is how she got involved in recreational therapy.

Read it here:

Move beyond talk therapy – fund rec therapy research

I [Danny Pettry] have graduate degrees in both Mental Health Counseling and Recreational Therapy.

I’ve often argued that people “talk” about it in individual therapy and actually do something about it in “recreational therapy,” by practicing.

There was a real neat article in the Military Times by Bret A. Moore.  The author argues going beyond talk therapy. Research and evidenced is discussed.

What did Bret Moore suggest?

“We need to fund studies looking at the benefits of meditation, exercise, recreational therapies and other noninvasive approaches to achieving and maintaining health.”

Read about it here: