SRTS session evaluation


Some people liked it. Some people did not like it at all. 

I presented at the Southeastern Recreational Therapy Symposium (SRTS) in late March 2018.

I received the feedback from audience regarding my training session on Trauma-Focused Recreational Therapy.

I wanted to share the reviews for my session for transparency reasons.

I’m working on becoming a professional speaker, so naturally, I read my reviews to learn how to improve and become better.

I earned an average of 3.8 on a scale of 0 to 5. It is noted that the mode score was “5.” Zero people gave it complete “0” score!


The overall word cloud had positive comments with the exception of: “technical” and “difficulties,” which were related to the “computer.”



I’ll share the (Not so positive reviews) first and then I’ll share the (more positive reviews)


Part 1: Not so positive reviews:

1.    Too much material for the time allotted

Danny’s comments: I did my best to pack in as much information as possible.

2.    Presentation was disorganized and unprofessional. Speaker was unprepared and spent 10 minutes trying to get a link to work. Content was sporadic and PowerPoint was elementary.

Danny’s comments: ***sigh*** I apologize for the link. I thought clicking on it would automatically play. It was such an important part that I didn’t want to leave it out.

3.    Do not recommend bringing back this speaker

Danny’s comments: It appears very clear that you weren’t happy with this session. I’m not sure if there is anything I could do to remedy this for you. I’d be open to suggestions. I do sincerely apologize for taking time from you that you’ll never get back.

4.     Lots of information! Lessen info on slides and increase talking points.

Danny’s comments: Thanks for the feedback. I’ll definitely put less information per slide!

5.    Set up before hand and make sure you know how to work the system 🙂

Danny’s comments: That is very great idea. I did feel very stressed about the video link now playing. I’ve not had that problem before. Of course, I wasn’t using my own personal computer and I didn’t have access to the internet at first.

6.    Its unfortunate he was unfamiliar with the technology but made sense since it wasn’t his computer

Danny’s comments: I really regret the technology problem at the start. I hate that happened.

7.    Technical challenges were the only problem for him. Would have been me too!

Danny’s comments: Thanks for being empathetic. And thanks for putting up with the computer problems. I’m going to be better prepared next time I present.


8.    The presentation was hard to follow. There were a lot of technical difficulties which I wouldn’t fault him for but it was disruptive. I didn’t really to learn much

Danny’s comment: I hate the presentation was difficult to follow, which I attribute to the computer problems.

I hate you didn’t learn much. I tried to keep the presentation to three basic areas:

·         CBT: PRACTICE acronym

·         DBT: DIME acronym

·         Humanistic approach.


9.    Presentation was unfortunately a waste of our time. Unprepared and not useful information. Not professional and uncomfortable to sit through

Danny’s comments: I regret I wasted your time. Please note that wasn’t my intention to waste your time. My goal was to provide attendees (like you) with the best information I know about trauma based on my 15-years-experience and advanced training.

10. Consider redesigning PPT to be shorter and less wordy.Provide evidence and current research to support intervention strategies presented. touch based on developmental levels , concerning intervention/ communication strategies /adaptation methods. Familiarize self with time line of presentation.

Danny’s comments: I’ll make the PPT shorter and less wordy. There is strong evidence for CBT, DBT, and humanistic approaches. I do feel like I’m very familiar with the timeline of the presentation. I could easily do it without the slides. I need to find a way to make it smooth for attendees like you.

Shew – *sigh* — take a deep breath after reading those.

It’s a good thing I have a fairly resilient attitude.

Part 2: The more positive reviews:

·         Fantastic session. I really appreciated the focus on scope of practice and connection between CBT and DBT in RT interventions.

·         Overall good info. Would have loved to go more into DBT

·         Calm during stress, continued on with complete content and informative
·         He seemed to really have a passion for his job and the kids he works with.

·         I got good information from this presentations. I

·          appreciate his positive attitude!!

·         The session was informative and the speaker provided great resources and examples.
·         Great attitude and perseverance with technical difficulties.

·         I enjoyed the material.

·         Great energy and helpful knowledge.
·         Despite technical difficulties the presentation went well.

·         I took some key points with me that I will be able to adapt to my age and population of patient.

·         So fun to watch and listen to.

·         Would love to see another presentation by him.

·         Presenter was very knowledgeable, obviously very passionate about RT, super fun.
·         Awesome guy!

·         Helped inspire me to get back and work with the kids at my job!

·         Good guy, good presentation!
·         Dan is was funny and engaging, great stuff!

·         Also very affirming thank you Danny.

·         I appreciate all you’re doing for our profession.

·         Also was very touched by you tube great analogy with children 😊🙏🏼👏🐶

·         Danny was great! He was my favorite presentation!
·         Great to Meet Danny – the man the myth the legend

·        A lot of useful information especially for my population & good resources

·         Even with computer issues, kept session going and interesting

·         The speaker provided excellent behavioral resources and addressed potential interventions – Ex. Kenistetic learning, story telling as an intervention, Behavioral interventions. Areas of improvement: -Educational Overview of TF care model  -Provide a detailed explanation of physiological changes/ neurological changes as a result of trauma. -ANS, imbalance -structural changes/ insulary cortext/amigdial/ Vagal Nerve, Nural pruning. -Provide a clear explanation of RTs Role and scope within the various models presented, as well as competencies required for various TX strategies. Play Therapy, Biofeedback, TF-CBT, DBT, mindfulness training.

Reviews for Webinar: Specialization in Rec Therapy

reviewsDanny Pettry, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, CTRS presented a webinar on “Advanced specialization areas in Rec Therapy” live on Wed. April 25, 2018.

You’ll find two sections of commets below, including: 1.) what people enjoyed about Danny Pettry’s presentation; and 2.) how could presentation be improved!


The webinar system records stats.


  1. What did you enjoy about Danny Pettry’s presentation on advanced specialization areas?
·         It was interesting to see all the different areas you could specialize in.
·         I enjoyed all the information that was presented as far as the different specializations offered within the field.
·         Danny’s knowledge, as well as his kindness/funny personality. Very much appreciated.
·         Very specific information and honest about what it is and what the webinar is intended to provide. Like the comics and jokes.
·         I loved finding out new ways to expand my knowledge and professionalism.
·         This webinar made me motivated to become specialized once I figure out what to specialize in.  I have only been a CTRS for a year and a half so I’m still trying to figure out what are to specialize in.
·         Leaving different options to advance in profession
·         No comment.
·         The interactive questions.
·         Made this webinar fun
·         Voice was easy to hear and understand.

He read all the comments and answered right away and in a timely manner. Very knowledgeable

·         I have been in the field for several years and never thought about the advanced certification.

After watching this webinar, I am interested in looking more into this.

·         All the great information about advanced areas.
·         I enjoyed that we were included throughout the webinar!
·         Good info, he is very enthusiastic about advanced specialization
·         Learning about something that interest me
·         Learning about the specialty areas in RT.
·         I love Mr. Pettry’s personality throughout the webinar. It keeps the audience engaged.
·         interesting topic
·         I just love these webinars! Thank you for doing them! Always learn something new!
·         I like how interactive the live courses are.
·         You are a nice guy!
·         no comment.
·         loved it

2. How could Danny Pettry’s webinar be improved?

·         I would like to hear testimonials of other professionals from different specialization areas.

Danny’s Comment: There aren’t many people with specialization areas yet, but I imagine there will be in the future!

·         N/A. I appreciate these!
·         I think Danny did a great job on this webinar.  This was my first webinar of his and I felt that he kept it interactive.  I am looking forward to more of his webinars in the future.
·         N/a
·         Expand a bit more off of what is the slides.
·         None
·         I enjoyed it very much and I will hopefully attend more in the future.
·         I think this was a great training. Sometimes I need a reminder on what is available in the CTRS world
·         Great webinar! I learned a lot about advanced specializations and may look into it further in the future! Thanks Danny!!
·         As Always I enjoyed this webinar
·         Start on time please

Danny’s Comment: My clock may be slow. I started right at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) according to my cell phone time. I sure wouldn’t delay you on purpose. I hope it wasn’t more than a min. or two late for you.

·         I think this was an excellent webinar that was very informative and presented in a easy to follow and understand manor.
·         Webinar was great!
·         Always a great job!
·         I think that you did a very good job breaking down the importance of specialty certification and how to obtain it. Thanks!
·         I wish there was more options of alternative modalities for Rec Therapists.
·         no comment
·         none

Go here to learn about advanced CEU courses in behavioral health:

Advocacy: people with disabilities and music venues

wheelchairAn opinion article in the Huffington Post argued that people with disabilities don’t belong at music venues.

A woman who loved music often attended many events.

Unfortunately has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Accessibility to music events are often limited.

I felt upset to hear about the discrimination.

I felt pleased to see the article posted at Huffington Post.

The article will help promote awareness and it will help rally many people to help step up and make a difference.

The problem: she misses out on venues because of accessibility.

The solution: advocate for change.

My thought: Ticketmaster should automatically have information for people with disabilities.

Reviews for “Rec Therapy in Behavioral Health” presentation at GLRTSC)


Danny Pettry (above) getting a slow start at the GLRTSC, 2018

I presented on Recreational Therapy in Mental and Behavioral Health for students at the Great Lakes Recreational Therapy Student Conference (GLRTSC)on Saturday April 7th at 9:15 a.m.

Eighteen (18) out of the 33 people who attended posted an evaluation.

I wanted to share the evaluation here for transparency reasons because I’m working on becoming a national speaker.


Here are the three (3) evaluations that were not as positive out of the 18, which is about 17% of the attendees. I provided a thoughtful response to each of these three comments below.

  • This presentation was not informative. I already knew everything he was talking about – it was too general & I didn’t learn.

Danny Pettry’s response to the above comment: Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I feel pleased to know that you’re knowledgeable in this focus area. Way to go! I’d love to know which college or university has trained and prepared you.

  • We have to be careful not to discredit a therapist. Yes, walking, biking, diets can be therapeutic… But, what does that say to the people who may need a little more than that?

Danny Pettry’s response: It appears you feel that I discredited therapist. I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I’m listening. Please note I sure wouldn’t discredit a therapist on purpose. Being a “therapist” has been my livelihood for over 15 years. Many of my best friends are therapists too! My thoughts are: a lot of activities can be therapeutic. People (who are generally) healthy can independently do activities to maintain a well-balanced and meaningful life. Those people who are suffering (from mental health needs) may not be able to independently do a lot of those activities. Recreational therapists play a great role in providing activity-based interventions on purpose to help those people to gain independence and wellness. Ultimately, the therapist may be so successful that the patient will be able to participate in life and meaningful activities as independently s possible.

  • Slow at first but got better throughout the session.

Danny Pettry’s response: I’m happy to hear the session got better for you.  And please buckle up. I imagine you’re going for a fun ride in our profession.


Here are the positive reviews (which account for 84% of the attendees) 

  • Fantastic job 😊
  • Wonderful examples, visuals & verbal
  • I loved this info! Thank you.
  • Loved it 😊 Very funny and kept me engaged!
  • Thanks for making it laid back & adding humor!
  • I really enjoyed his presentation – it was very informative.
  • Really enjoyed the information.
  • I loved your energy and jokes. You made me feel like I could relate, rather than feel talked down to.
  • Enjoyed the humor and enjoyment!! 😊 Thank you!
  • Very personable & engaging while teaching very important topics of psych/behavioral health. Learned a lot.
  • Funny!
  • Two thumbs up!
  • Thank you!
  • Very fun/funny and engaging w/ the topic 😊
  • Very interactive & informative


Danny  Pettry comments:

Thanks for the kind comments.

I felt super happy to be around such a great group of young professional people.

You’re going to go out and make a huge impact in this world.

Best wishes to you.

Feel free to contact me if you’re ever in need of a guide or mentor in behavioral health recreational therapy and/ or continuing education.

Career Opportunities: OK, VA, CO, TX, MI, & AZ

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CTRS needed in Virginia: 


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